2020 Ferrari F8 Spider, More than just a Sports Car

It is a tradition in the Ferrari sports car family with the mid-engined Ferrari V8 engine to feature two characters. Namely the coupe and convertible versions. Usually the coupe model in the “Ferrari” language is called Berlinetta. Berlinetta always appears first and will be followed by a convertible version, better known as the “Spider”.

If you look at the Ferrari model cycle, from the launch of the Berlinetta model to the Spider model it usually takes more than 1 year. However, from the Berlinetta version of the Ferrari 488 (Ferrari 488 GTB) to the Spider model (Ferrari 488 Spider), the launch distance of the two versions of the car is less than 1 year. So in 2019, the Ferrari 488 GTB was replaced by the Ferrari F8 Tributo, which debuted at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show.

Sensational Driving Experience

In early September 2019, Ferrari launched the Ferrari F8 Spider, which is the convertible version of the Ferrari F8 Tributo. With all the technical capabilities of the Ferrari F8 Tributo, the Ferrari F8 Spider version is ready to take the driver to a more sensational driving experience.

The 2020 Ferrari F8 Spider is Ferrari’s answer that in order to enjoy the Ferrari F8 you don’t just have to take it to the track or drive aggressively. Only with a roof that can be opened, the driver can feel the performance sensation of the 2020 Ferrari F8 Spider in a more real way with the roar of the engine sound entering the ears more freely.

In addition, compatibility with similar features to the Ferrari F8 Tributo version also allows this car to be more than just a sports car that is fun to take to normal roads. but it can also be handy if you need to print the lap time on a race track. But still, it is better to enjoy the 2020 Ferrari F8 Spider while driving normally with the roof open. Feel every roar and distribution of power that’s ready to numb the driver to propel Ferrari’s mid-engine V8 sports car. Read our 2020 Ferrari F8 Spider full review.

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