Badass Moto Gear Waterproof Motorcycle Cover Review

FAQs About the Badass Cover

The Drive’s editors aren’t psychic, so to answer frequently asked questions, we scrolled through Google’s “People also ask” box for anything that may be lingering in your heads.

Q. Where is the Badass Moto cover made?

A. China.

Q. Is the Badass Moto cover for indoors or outdoors?

A. Both. The cover is water, wind, and UV resistant, which makes it appropriate for outdoor use. It is also dust resistant, an important factor for indoor use. 

Q. Is the Badass Moto cover knife-proof?

A. No, but it is made of ripstop polyester material, so it will take a sharp knife and some genuine effort to cut through it. A motorcycle cover paired with a cable lock can be a good theft deterrent, indoors or out, but it will not prevent a determined thief or vandal from getting to your bike.

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