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The company that manufactured Volvo before Volvo and now is part of Volvo today, Volvo AB, has a lot to offer the customer, including some pretty interesting advertising and marketing schemes. They’ve been doing it for years, after all. But is all this really such a good thing for consumers? Are consumers really better off with a Volvo dealer than without one, when it comes to pricing, service, and product selection?

For one thing, customer service is definitely something that we all take for granted. Customer service from a Volvo dealer, then, is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted. If you believe all Volvo dealers are basically the same, then consider this: Why do consumers of Rosenthal Fairfax Volvo cars consistently drive so much farther away, especially when there’s other Volvo nearby? How far? Try Falls Church, Alexandria, Springfield, Woodbridge, Manassas, Chantilly and across the MD and DC area.

The other thing that makes customers stay away from other smaller, less-established dealers is the quality of the products and service. Customers who buy from a dealership that is more established are usually looking for the best possible deal – they’re not shopping from a budget car dealer. With more established Volvo dealerships, it’s more likely that vehicles will come with a manufacturer or dealer warranty, as well as roadside assistance coverage. This kind of service and support is an absolute must when dealing with something as expensive as Volvo, which can (and will) go wrong at any moment. A more expensive car obviously requires more specialized service, such as in the case of a replacement engine or transmission, which might not be offered by every dealership. Volvo is a very complicated car; buying a Volvo should be considered as such.

Toby Archer

With experience as an automotive journalist since 2016 in well-known media, Toby has also tested various types of cars and visited world auto shows. He is currently Editor-in-Chief of Hotwheels since early 2020

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