Maintain Your Car Interior

Every car owner wants a car that looks well-groomed and like new every time. This is why some people are willing to spend money to improve the appearance of the car. But the problem is that some people often forget the interior condition of the car for various reasons. In fact, the car’s cabin must also be considered so that you and your passengers feel comfortable during the trip. There are many tips for maintaining your car. See our summary on how to maintain car interior below:

Clean up the Dashboard

The dash is an important part because it is the first part you see while driving. To keep it clean, you can use a sponge or cloth to remove dust. Clean the corners and air conditioning holes around the dash. You can also apply a special cleaning liquid after cleaning the board to prevent it from being exposed to the sun’s rays and make the board not easy to dry and peel.

Clean The Carpet Periodically

car carpet is part of the interior that is often dirty due to the footwear of drivers and passengers. If not cared for, dirty and dusty carpets can contaminate the cabin air when the car air conditioner is on. Dirty carpets also can cause unpleasant odors. To clean the car carpet, you can use soap to wash and then let it dry.

Clean the Car Seat

Car seats are also a part of the car interior that needs to be kept clean. Caring for car seats is not difficult. Clean the car seat with a dry cloth and a vacuum cleaner. Make sure to clean hard-to-reach car seat parts such as the corners so that the car seats are really clean.

Clean the Car Ceiling

Car ceiling need special treatment. Because the top of the interior of this car tends to store dust. You can use a cloth dampened with water and a special cleaner. Then You can clean it using a dry cloth to soak up any remaining water and dirt that is still attached.

Provide car freshener

Fragrant interiors make passengers and you feel comfortable during the trip. Make sure to also change the freshener regularly when the freshener runs out so your car interior keep smells good and fresh.

You need to do this preventative care regularly to get optimal results. Keeping grime out of your ride will cut down on enormous maintenance costs in the future and will help to retain its value over time.

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With experience as an automotive journalist since 2016 in well-known media, Toby has also tested various types of cars and visited world auto shows. He is currently Editor-in-Chief of Hotwheels since early 2020

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