You’ll See the 2022 Honda Civic Si as a Race Car First

The recently-teased Civic Type R and its GT3-style wing may be the Civic that fans are waiting for with the most anticipation, but we shouldn’t forget about the more accessible Civic Si that’s also slated for a reveal soon. In an effort to drum up hype for its in-betweener performance compact, Team Honda Research West—a race team consisting of engineers from the company—are going racing with a prepped and camouflaged 2022 Honda Civic Si.

Its first race will be the 25 Hours of Thunderhill and Honda released a brief clip of the car undergoing testing at the California racetrack. As far as we can tell, the Si won’t look drastically different from the regular Civic. Other than a pair of shinier exhaust tips and the same honeycomb front grille found on the hatch, this Civic Si’s front and rear fascias are unchanged. And because this is a race-modified car, we wouldn’t look into the wheel designs too much nor are we expecting the production Si to get the big race car wing. 

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